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Entry Level MBA Jobs

A Master of Business Administration degree can prepare you for a wonderful career in business management. But for recent graduates, the choices can be overwhelming unless you have a plan. If you have your MBA but have little or no job experience, here are some popular entry level MBA jobs that can set you up for a promising career.

  1. Entry Level MBA Jobs in Sales and Marketing

This is a very popular entry point for a business management career. Your MBA training helps you advance quickly to higher levels of management, making even a job on the sales floor a terrific opportunity. Marketing skills are highly in demand, especially in e-commerce. Securities, commodities and financial services sales agents connect buyers with sellers, sell securities, provide advice to companies searching for investors and trade. They earn an average salary of $63,780 annually. Market research analysts and marketing specialists research an area?s market conditions and create marketing campaigns. The average annual salary is $63,230.

  1. Finance Jobs for MBA Graduates

While some companies might provide their own training for entry level employees, it's not standard practice in the industry. There are many places to start, for example, accountants and auditors are necessary to keep an accurate record of expenditures. A financial analyst position is a wonderful place for a recent graduate with six months experience or less. Once you have between two and five years of experience, you can apply for high-level finance associate positions. Financial analysts earn an average yearly wage of $84,300, while accountants and auditors make $69,350 annually.

  1. Consulting and Customer Relations Occupations

Another popular area for entrance to business management is with a job in analysis or customer relations. Since most companies don't require experience for this position, it can be the perfect way to prepare for your business management career. Budget analysts, on average, earn $75,240 per year.

  1. Public Service Careers

Your MBA gives you a competitive edge for entry level government jobs. There's a multitude of opportunities in the fields of purchasing, project management, management information systems and many other areas of business. Annual average salary for a budget analyst working for the government is $76,510.

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